I don’t have time for both, isn’t it better to do social media to drive traffic?


The time it takes to do a Facebook post could and should be the same time it takes to do a blog on your website. Once you have a blog on your website, simply share the blog. If your website is setup correctly, you automatically have great material for a Facebook page and all your other social media accounts.

Why is it important to have both?

Consider this…

You post something on your Facebook page at midday. Realistically, without paid promotion, that post will be shown to between 10-30% of your page followers (if you are lucky!) By 7pm that evening, your post is almost ‘social media history’, and in another 12-18 hours it will, quite literally, be history. Buried somewhere on your timeline, unsearchable, unknown and forgotten. The life span of a social media post is short and sharp.

When you post on your website, you own your site and content. When you post on other platforms, you’re a renter. They are the landlords and you have very little control or say about how your content is handled or if it gets viewed.

How is my blog used for business?

A well-written blog should be the backbone of your business’s online presence. It’s the part of your website where you publish well-planned, thoughtful posts on topics that interest your audience. A blog draws traffic to your website where potential customers can learn about your brand, message, products and services. It’s a place to answer questions and provide relevant information that can help establish you as a thought leader in your industry.

Your blog on your website fuels SEO. Search engines love valuable content and will reward you for it, by showing your site content in search results. Not just for one day, but day after day after day… Facebook has no SEO beyond your Facebook page name, so any of your individual posts on Facebook are not searchable.

Ideally, rather than viewing Facebook as an either/or to a self-hosted blog on your website, consider it an ancillary arm of the space you control, an also, rather than an either.

And that’s how you have your cake and eat it!