It’s one and the same

All small businesses should be thinking multi-channel first. When you are opening a store, you are fundamentally thinking about the combined strategy. If you are opening a retail store, you are naturally now thinking about how you are going to be promoting those products online.

The reality of commerce today requires more flexibility among companies to stay competitive. Common sense suggests businesses should streamline e-commerce, Point of Sale (POS) and every other aspect of their operations in order to:

  • Sell to customers however they shop.
  • Make it easier to manage multiple channels.
  • Align your channels for better customer experience.

With worldwide e-commerce sales expected to reach over $4 trillion by 2020, there’s no reason why some of that money can’t be yours. Especially when technology has made it easier and more affordable than ever to have an online presence and webstore to support your physical one. Remember, 80% of shoppers say they still prefer to visit a store and physically view a product before purchasing, even when shopping online. So, the opportunity exists for bricks & mortar retailers to take advantage of this and use their physical presence to support their online store, and vice-versa.

To say this in its simplest form, e-commerce and POS integration links all your online sales channels to your bricks and mortar shop, providing a fully synchronised and up-to-date inventory – sell an item in store and all your sales channels are instantly updated.

So, if you are looking at how to integrate a bricks & mortar POS system with an online e-commerce platform, let Oh là là Websites set you up for success!