If there is anything our Top Gear friends taught us, it’s this: modern cars are complex manufacturing creations that require technical skills and know-how on a myriad of levels. They are definitely not something that you would trust the production of to a couple of blokes with a shed!

We believe the same goes for websites. Now, I know some of you will think that of course we would say this, it’s our business to say this, and you’d be right. But not for the reasons you might think.

Over the last half-dozen years that we have been involved in building websites, we’ve had a chance to look and learn right at the rock face of website building. We’ve learned that good websites, like cars, don’t just happen. They are complex creations that are the culmination of hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of artistic and technical savvy.

Our personal experience has taught us the pitfalls of believing that ‘anyone can build a website’. We’ve learned, often times the hard way, that when it comes to website building, there is no substitute for technical knowledge and industry understanding.

Just like Clarkson, May and Hammond’s car, while the ‘anyone can do one’ website might theoretically be a website in the same way that the ‘Hammerhead Eagle’ was a car, it almost certainly won’t offer the same performance and service to your business that one built by experts will.

Even before they start, the one-time website builder has to consider:

  • What domain name to buy, why, and where to buy it from.
  • How to set it up the domain name records correctly.
  • Where and how to host the website and why.
  • What content management system to use for the website and why.

Just these four issues alone will be beyond the knowledge of the average newbie website builder. And that’s before they’ve even started to think about building the website! But, as we have found, even these four pre-build issues are critical to the future success of the website. From here, the actual process of building the website just gets more involved and complicated, and every single detail is important.

That’s why with websites (and cars) if you want one that is going to do the job properly and allow you to compete in the modern world, you get an expert to build it for you. If you want a project to tinker around with at the weekend, you get yourself a shed!