Vision – Voice – Visual

‘Appearance is everything’ is particularly appropriate in the context of the internet. It is a platform that is both crowded and busy, and at the same time impersonal. First impressions count and last, and they are made in moments – literally the blink of an eye.

Successful brands depend on instant recognition to provide their message in a way that is visually appealing. Or, in other words Vision, Voice and Visual.

We work with businesses to first establish what their core message is. Only then do we start trying different imagery until we find something that conveys that message. At this point, the image has to be transformed into something that is instantly recognisable and identifiable, styled in such a way that the message is not compromised and then presented in a visually appealing format. This format has to then be evaluated in the range of scenarios the branding will appear.

On the internet, developing good branding, which is part art and part science, provides a sound spring board for success. Bad branding, at best achieves nothing, and at worst, defeats a business idea before it has barely started.

If you are passionate about getting your brand right on the internet, please get in touch as we would love to share our experience with you.